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Does the big picture always work?

10 December 2018, Публикувано в: Career planning, Career coaching, Коментари: 0

I love to travel – for work and pleasure, kids and no kids, car, plane, ship, and train. I travel every time I get a chance and I enjoy the new destination and the time I spend travelling to it. I chose a window seat and my soul goes up along with the plane, wanders […]

Definition of success – part II

18 October 2018, Публикувано в: Career planning, Career coaching, Коментари: 0

Building on the success topic, I continue to share the rest of the intriguing and profound reflections, in alphabetical order. I am grateful to all my clients and friends who provided their success definitions and allowed me to publish them. I truly believe that in this way we would be able to enrich the success […]

Definition of success

16 October 2018, Публикувано в: Career planning, Career coaching, Коментари: 0

Success is a recurring theme in all my coaching sessions and we try to define what does success mean for each of my clients. The definition varies with the different professional and life stages, undergoes transformation along with us. If we remember what success meant to us after college and compare it to how we […]

How to make professional decisions?

20 September 2018, Публикувано в: Career planning, Career coaching, Коментари: 2

I am in the middle of a professional dilemma and last night I’ve had a deep discussion on the topic with a close friend.  He is faced with a similar situation and we exchanged points of view and advice. The alternative option is the more prestigious next career step – from a vertical professional ladder […]

To quit or not to quit?

22 June 2018, Публикувано в: Career planning, Career coaching, Коментари: 0

Quora inspiration once again. The question was: “I want to quit my job because of unfulfilling job and a toxic work friend, should I?” And here is my take on it: Most probably, you should quit, especially if the nature of the work you are doing is not fulfilling, but I suggest you consider your […]

Top 5 qualities employers look for

2 June 2018, Публикувано в: Job interviews, Career planning, Career coaching, Коментари: 1 Коментар

Another interesting question on Quora: What are the skills required to become an outstanding employee among others to get a job? for which I decided to share my answer with you as I believe it could be useful. It really depends on the job, doesn’t it? If you are applying for a finance position, your […]

New career or new job?

14 May 2018, Публикувано в: Career planning, Career coaching, Коментари: 1 Коментар

Lately, I’ve got a few coaching clients who reach out to me very upset with their current working configuration or already handed in their resignation – sure they would like a career change to a field in which they can utilize their strengths, feel satisfied, respected and valued. After several coaching sessions, they realize that […]

How to find a job with little experience?

11 May 2018, Публикувано в: CV, Career planning, Career coaching, Motivation letter, Коментари: 0

A couple of days ago, I answered an interesting question on Quora and decided to share my insights with you. The question was – Is it harder to find a job with little experience – and here is how I approached it: If you focus on the right positions for your education, talents, and little […]

Flower inspiration and a dream come true

15 December 2017, Публикувано в: Inspirations, Коментари: 1 Коментар

We are picking up the Inspirations section with Emi – an accessories designer, a sunshine girl, a mother of two wonderful fairies, and a successful entrepreneur. 1. Please, introduce yourself – who’s Emi? Emilia is a girl who began her discovery journey quite recently, having been through some professional ups and downs. I can describe […]

Career advice from successful women

24 November 2017, Публикувано в: Inspirations, Career planning, Коментари: 0

I read The world’s most successful women share their best career advice on the World’s Economic forum, loved what these inspiring women had to share and translated the article in Bulgarian. I am not translating it back for the English version of my website, instead I invite you to read the original and get as inspired […]