Team analysis

We can use human design methodology to analyze and engineer successful teams:

  • Interviews with the team members and the leader where we discuss the nature of the business they are in, how they team up and communicate with each other, and what is their vision of the future.
  • An overview of the human design chart for each team member where we cover the career type and role, the decision making and information processing strategies, the strenghts and receptors.
  • Partnership analysis of team members who team up together often.
  • The 12 business skills, which build, develop, and sell the team product or service.
  • The business skills and attributes, which each team member brings to the group dynamics.
  • Analysis of the missing skills and attributes – out of the main 12 – in case there are any, how this is felt in the group, and how to address it.
  • Who is triggering whom and how.
  • Closing discussion and next steps planning.

To do a human design career analysis every team member needs to know their exact birth date and time.

I am a certified human design coach for career and team analysis with the International Human Design School. I use the methodologies I have learned there and I add my individual spin based on 15 years professional experience – being part of and managing project and operational teams.