What is life cycle analysis?

Just like nature, our lives and careers have natural rhythms and cycles:

From birth through adolescence, youth, maturity, and death.

From our first internship through career growth or shift, changing roles and companies, retirement.

From starting a business through the first challenging years, expansion or phasing out, sale or passing through to the next generation.

The Human Design methodology allows us to peek behind the curtain of the natural cycles, to understand the framework, to get to know the processes and to thus be able to prepare for the main themes and to move through each cycle with consciousness and in alignment with our design and decision-making strategy.

Who can benefit from a life cycle analysis?

You’ve probably noticed – in you or in the people around you – that:

each new trip around the sun is highlighted by different topics, lessons, challenges;

around the time we turn 30, we experience turbulence, separation, and loss – both personally and professionally, and we embark on self-exploration and self-awareness quests.

by the time we reach 40, the mid-life crisis hits and some of us search youth in a new sports car, others search love in a new relationship after divorce, still others take a sharp career shift in search for meaning.

the 50s and the 60s are also phases filled with wanderings, doubts, and changes.

When is the best time to do a life cycle analysis?

a few months before your birthday to identify, analyze, and prepare for the plot of the year ahead.

a few months or years before or after you turn 30 to discover the potential challenges of this cycle, what to observe and where to be careful.

a few months or years before or after you turn 40 to unravel the mid-life crisis mystery, to analyze what could ignite it and could it add or intensify to the way we operate and interact.

a few months or years before or after you turn 50 or 60 to better understand the mechanics of these cycles and to see what they have in store for us in terms of themes and lessons.

If you are feeling confused, out of place, sense new threads in your life you can’t follow, the human design framework can bring clarity and reassurance about the way you are designed to operate and the way the life cycles impact that design. Get in touch with me to discuss your specific situation and needs.

I am a certified human design coach for life cycle analysis with the International Human Design School. I use the methodologies I have learned during my studies and I add my individual spin based on 15 years professional experience – being part of and managing project and operational teams.