We all have unique designs with specific talents, strenghts, skills and attributes to share with the world. We are all different and not only because of our unique designs, but also because of the environment we grew up and the people who have nurtured and conditioned us.

We have the opportunity to explore who we are, what are our strenghts, where we are receptive to outside influences, our communication and decision making strategies. The human design of each of us is a map and it reveals how we engage with life and our careers.

What can we learn from our human design chart?

  • How we best express ourselves in the world.
  • How we interact and communicate.
  • Our decision-making strategy.
  • The signposts that tell us whether we are on the right track.
  • How we process information.
  • The strenghts we can always rely on.
  • Our receptors and where we can be conditioned.
  • Where we can learn and gain wisdom.
  • Our life purpose.
  • Our profit potential.
  • The work environment best suited for our design.
  • The business skills we display in a small group.
  • The strenght we display in a large organziation.
  • Our public role or how we live our purpose in the world.

Approach and data

To do a human design career analysis you need to know your exact birth date and time. With this data, I create your human design chart, and we go over it – in more detail or less, depending on your needs.

The human design analysis is organized as a coaching course with a topic and plan for each session. The course duration depends on the depth of self-exploration and knowledge you are aiming for.

I am a certified human design coach for career and team analysis with the International Human Design School. I use the methodologies I have learned there and I add my individual spin based on 15 years professional experience – being part of and managing project and operational teams.