♦  Life purpose coaching

Since the beginning of 2017, I am a certified Life Purpose Coach – a coach equipped with knowledge, approaches, and materials to assist her clients in finding their true calling. I invite you to a quest for self-discovery and awareness in the search of your life mission.

You can find the purpose and the essence of this course, who is it for, the duration, what’s expected of you, and the logistics details, in a separate section dedicated to life purpose coaching.

♦  Human design coaching

In 2021 I got certified as a career and business human design coach. Human design is a wonderful tool we can use in the self-reflection process. It reveals different personality aspects, decision making methodologies, communication approaches, and ways for processing information. With human design we explore our strenghts as well as our receptors – the places we can be influenced, the type of our energy and how to best utilize it, what skills do we bring to a small group and a large organization.

Human design offers profound insights and we can take different routes to exploring it – summarize the most important elements or analyze in depth different situations, reactions, and partnerships. You can learn more my human design coaching approach and see whether it might fit your needs.

♦  Career reinvention / Career shift

If you are at professional crossroads, would like to change the career field, or are in the process of obtaining a degree, I will craft an individual coaching course and, together, we will figure out your next career step – after the necessary coaching discussions, career tests, and soul searching.

♦  Career coaching

You have been promoted recently and feel insecure? Have professional challenges and no one to tackle them with? Can’t fit in the team? Have a new manager and don’t know how to approach her? Feel trapped at your job and don’t have a way out? Something’s bothering you career wise, but you can’t define what it is? Not satisfied with your work – life balance? Want to climb the corporate ladder and need strategies and support? Feel bored at your job? If you recognize yourself in any of the above situations, we will do several coaching sessions and after the proper questions, discussions, and status quo challenges, will find the needed answers.

♦  CV in English and/or Bulgarian

After we discuss your experience, education, and career goals, I will create a professional CV in Bulgarian and/or English.

♦  LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is getting more popular as a platform for job seekers and companies who need quality people. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile or are not satisfied with your current one, I will create you a professional profile with the appropriate key words, title, and executive summary and will register you in a few relevant groups.

♦  Cover letters / Letters of interest in English and Bulgarian

Equipped with the position requirements and the target company specifics, as well as with your relevant skills and experience, I will create a cover letter where I will describe why you are the right candidate for the job and how you will contribute to the team and the company growth. Cover letters can be prepared for each different position or area of professional interest.

♦  Support throughout the job search process

Together, we will discuss and analyze the job ads and companies searching for employees. We will create an application strategy. I will present you job opportunities I deem suitable for your profile and if I have the contacts, I will refer you. You will receive advice and guidance throughout the entire job search process. I will be your personal HR consultant.

♦  References

When it comes to job search, the proactive approach has solid chances of success, especially when combined with the right presentation, documents, contacts, and attitude. If you have a wish list of companies and know  they will be good fit for you, but they currently have no open positions, this should not stop you to show your interest. I would make references to the recruitment companies I work with, as well as to the companies in your wish list, in which I have contacts.

♦  Job search

If you do not have enough time and energy to search job sites for suitable positions or if you need a different perspective, I can do the search for you. I will generate aggregated lists of major job portals and recruitment companies with positions that match your profile and targets and will present the list to you on a weekly basis.

♦  Interview preparation

Once we get to this stage together, or if you already have received the call for a personal meeting with the potential employer, or if you have participated in several interviews already and haven’t received a job offer, I can prepare you for this important stage of the selection process. After you tell me about the company and the position, I will create a scenario, we will role play, and rehearse the challenging and frequently asked questions. I will take notes during the meeting and will follow up with a summary of the recommendations and conclusions we reached during the preparation meeting for future reference.

♦  Human design team analysis

You would like to build a team and don’t know where to start? You’ve already hired a few people, but there is tension among them and it’s clear they are not functioning well as a group? There are conflicts between team members? You have a good team and you would like to learn more about the different team members, how they partner, who is contributing what business skills and attributes? Two of the teams you manage don’t work effectively together and it’s important they mesh well?

Using the team analysis human design methodology we will review the individualities, the partnerships and the group skills of each team member, we will identify the challenges, and decide on a course of action.


The results. Are there any guarantees?

As professional development and a successful career depend largely on the personal motivation and dedication of the candidate, I can’t provide guarantees that you will be hired. I can guarantee I will provide you the best positioning strategy; sealing the deal on your dream job is in your hands.

What would it cost me?

I will present you prices for the different services and consultations after we talk and agree on how can I be of service. After I understand more about your background and preferences, I would be able to prepare a tailored offer describing what you will get and at what price.