Assisting my friends with the process of finding better jobs was a hobby for several years. It became a half-day job when I started working at Adecco and I had access to numerous job openings for different industries. Before applying for a job, my friends and acquaintances sent me their CVs to review and edit them to better match the position they are interested in. If the posting requires a motivation letter, I put it together – on the basis of my professional or personal experience with the person and a phone call where we discuss the specifics of the company and the position. After the first screening, I usually help with the interview preparation as well – I give advice or engage in a role play. I am also passionate about psychology, body and meta language.

I love to browse the job search sites and if I see an interesting position for some of the people in my network, I call him or her to discuss it. In the company I worked after Adecco, I was selling recruitment and human resources consulting services. This gave me a good perspective about the other side of the job searching process – what positions and skills are in demand and what profiles are successful.

Part of my brain works like a catalog – I have a list of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, along with their professional focus and skills.  When I see an interesting job opportunity, I search through the catalog and make connections between the potential employers and candidates. I have been contacted several times by head hunting agencies and when I was satisfied with my current job, I have always thought of appropriate recommendations.

Once the activities of documents preparation and cataloging occupied a good amount of my spare time, I realized I could be of help to people who are not in my immediate network. This is how the idea about this site came to life.

If you need career consultation – coaching, professional assistance with your CV, motivation letters, and the interview, I would gladly be of service. After we talk – on the phone, skype, or meet in person, and I get a better understanding of your specific situation and needs, I will offer you the right services package.  I will do everything in my power to successfully guide you through the career selection and job search process.