Success stories

Branimira Stoyanova

I met Tedy when I had lost my professional identity, and part of myself with it, after a long time working at the same place. I had a pressing need for change – direction, location, environment, everything I was surrounded by – career wise. After only a few coaching sessions, Tedy and I not only managed to identify my new career goal, but we also created a plan on how to approach my new objective.

Tedy created an outstanding CV and in a field that was far from her professional experience. I was invited for interviews to almost every advertisement I applied to, I even started to decline interview invitations at one point. I received quite a few job offers, but this is when I faced the market reality – the salaries in the sector I wanted to contribute were very low and I couldn’t move ahead. I suffered through that realization and we made the necessary changes to my next career step.

Tedy was also of great help with the new goal – we created plan B and decided to utilize competences and experience I already had. Then, Tedy created the CV to match the plan B. I’ve had 2 interviews that resulted in 2 job offers.

Actually, even though I have concluded my job search process, I don’t think I have concluded my relationship with Tedy – I will use her services again, because she has super valuable ideas, she is flexible and resourceful and puts her heart and brains in everything she does.

Thank you, Tedy!

See you soon!

Daniela Zlatkova

After more than a year of unsuccessful attempts to find my next career challenge, I realized I needed a professional career coach. A friend of mine recommended Tedy Lilova and I contacted her.

We did a short course of 3 coaching sessions, which brought back my motivation and clarified my direction. Throughout the job search support processes, she guided me to apply for a consulting position, which I would have never considered. She prepared an inspirational motivation letter and assisted me with the job interview. I completed the interview processes and received a job offer.

I am extremely happy and grateful to Tedy for the support, motivation, and guidance. I would not have achieved my professional goal without her. She is a wonderful, positive person, an experienced professional, a psychologist with valuable judgement, providing helpful advice and specific guidance for all positions and career areas.

I highly recommend her to everybody who would like to change their career paths and at the same time not waste time and faith in their abilities trying to cope by themselves given we have Tedy – a wonderful spiritual and professional mentor always ready to provide her invaluable help.

Tedy, I am extremely grateful, I almost lost faith that I will achieve my goals. You brought back the joy, motivation, and the sense of purpose in my professional life.

Blaga Botinova
Professionally, I’ve had the honor of meeting Tedy twice. The first time was in Sofiyska voda where Tedy was a Client Services manager. If I must describe Tedy with one word it would be “assertive”. I learned this concept on one of the many professional trainings we attended and since then when I hear assertive, I think of Tedy. She is someone who can stand up for herself and reach her goals. This was the quality that brought me back to her after 15 years of professional experience with one employer.

After I quit my job, I was at career crossroads I never experienced before. I didn’t have a proper CV and even worse – I haven’t used the CV I’ve had, because I have never applied to a job opportunity outside of my 15-year career. Not to mention motivation letters and other job search related documents. Now what?! I thought of Tedy – I knew she is a career coach and I placed my trust with her.

Tedy helped me not only with the document preparation, but she also advised me on my future career direction and the job search process. In my opinion, she offers a unique service, a service you can’t get anywhere else. There are numerous recruitment agencies that take your application, promise you 101 things and, in most cases, don’t deliver.

Tedy’s approach is tailored to the individual needs of each of her clients. Her most valuable contribution is that she manages to zoom in on the most important and relevant professional skills and achievements. She advises and assists in every step of the job search process: document preparation, suitable positions selection, application, interview preparation, lessons learned, and follow-up action plans.

If you are looking for a new professional opportunity and don’t know how to prepare in the best possible way, Tedy is your person – she knows. Enjoy the journey!

Mira Radilova

At a point in my career where I have been doing what I liked for quite some time, I decided I needed career change. I started looking at job ads and realized that the interview invitations and job offers were similar to my current role and I wanted something different. Then, I “accidentally” read a success story of a person whom Tedy consulted and decided I would contact her for professional guidance.

We did a career coaching course and the 2 different personality tests and their analysis turned out to be the most important for me. Discussing the test results, I was further convinced that the next career step would be suitable and satisfactory for me. Tedy made me think not only about my skills and experience, but also about my personal qualities and interests and how to emphasize on them.

As a result, she changed the structure of my CV to focus on the relevant experience for my new career field. Experience I had acquired more than 10 years ago. With the tailored motivation letter Tedy put together, I began to proactively seek out opportunities, as well as to apply for open positions. Within a month, I received a job offer that matched my criteria and accepted it. The resourceful ideas and non-standard options for discovering new opportunities Teddy suggested made me feel relaxed and confident during the change process.

I recommend Teddy as a career consultant and coach to everyone who wants a professional change and needs to confirm “their place” and the needed guidance to get to it. I am confident that using Tedy’s individual approach, expert skills, and up-to-date information on different industries and companies, you will make it faster and easier to your career goal.

Anika Angelinova

I made a quick decision that I would like to change my job after 10 years in the same company. I didn’t know Tedy personally, but knew about her career coaching services and decided to get in touch.

She created me a CV for the company and the position I wanted to apply for focusing on my strengths. Two days after applying, I’ve had a phone interview, followed by an invitation for a personal interview. Tedy responded on a very short notice, prepared me for the interview, supported me and believed in me at a time I didn’t believe in myself.

In a month, I start in my dream company!

Thank you, Tedy.

Alex Yordanova

I reached out to Tedy at a personal and professional crossroad. It was hard for me to redefine my career path and to connect it meaningfully to my personal life.

After many spent in one organization, my head was full of questions – where to now. Change is difficult and even though I consider myself capable and goal-oriented, I needed a push in the right direction. Tedy was gave me exactly what I needed.

I got in touch with her and provided somewhat disorganized explanations as to what I am looking for – or what I thought I was looking for. She managed to comprehend the important points and we started working on specific ideas and actions.

For a very short period – 4 coaching sessions – we had established the foundation and launched the search process. I enjoyed quick results, because – as a result of the conversations, analysis and consultations with Tedy – I was able to aim right and to avoid the multiple sampling errors.

Tedy – I would like to thank you once again for the time, the tailored approach, and the engaging way with which you make your coaching partner do the necessary soul searching and answer the important questions. On top of being a true professional, you are also a wonderful person – always ready to listen, empathize, advise, and coach.

Ivan Stankov

I got in touch with Tedy, because I needed a career consultation. Even though my professional experience was quite rich and diverse, it lacked focus and clarity regarding my next career step. I was impressed with the number of ways Tedy was able to assist me – from coaching sessions, through CV preparation, and support with the job application process. The most valuable component, though, was the personal touch – that feeling that someone is personally engaged with your success. This is what the name of the service stands for: PersonalHR – a professional who is on your side throughout the career shift or the job hunting adventure.

We started the process with coaching sessions that helped us clarify my professional focus. Based on the sessions’ outcome, Tedy prepared a focused strengths-based CV. Then, her broad network and recommendations came into play. As a result, I rather quickly managed to get a job offer in one of my target companies.

I am very grateful for Tedy’s support and I am glad that I can count on her if I need career coaching in the future.

Good luck, Tedy!

Atanas Tzanov

When the time comes to get your career to the next level, i.e. senior/executive management, you need to stop and reflect first. I was in similar situation recently, but went straight ahead with overconfidence. After a major failure to secure a top position that I thought was tailored for me and for which I was certain I was going to be down-selected (I am so great, you know), I was forced to do that reflection. What did I go wrong? Well, I failed to answer that question, so I followed the advice of wiser people and contacted Tedy, who was highly recommended to me.

After one call and two emails we had a road map on how to tackle my problems (yes, she had already pinpointed several of them) Destiny, as usual, came up with a different plan and I was contacted for an interview before we started executing the road map. With just a couple of days heads up, we met with Tedy for an interview preparation. She did her homework very well, even on a very short notice – just one day, and had dissected the case into such detail! That is how good she is.

At the meeting we went systematically through all aspects of the job, potential interview traps and pitfalls, my strengths and weaknesses, but most importantly we did a complete rehearsal with invaluable feedback from her.

I cannot recommend enough how important it is to calibrate yourself with a career consultant, especially if you have not been to interviews recently and even more importantly – if you are aiming to a higher level compared with you current position.  I cannot think of a better career coach than Tedy. It is an investment that pays off in no time and has a lasting effect.

Katina Aleksandrova

Tedy and I met via a common acquaintance when I was in search of my next professional challenge. After a few discussions about my application documents and career goals, we defined the potential development areas and devised a strategy on how to approach them. She helped me with the relevant positions and companies selection as well as with personal recommendations to her broad network. Tedy’s approach is dedicated and fully compliant both with my requirements and capabilities as well as with the condition of the labor market.

Thanks to her professionalism, responsiveness, and contact network, in short time – we achieved tangible results. I am impressed with her creative approach – characterized by individual analysis of her clients’ competencies and the intersection with the actual opportunities, as well as with her open and friendly communication manner.

I would recommend Tedy’s expertise, commitment, and support to everyone in search of career change or career development.

Dimitar Ivanov

Tedy is friendly, positive, and smart and above all – a very experienced and skilled professional. With a few well-structured and professional coaching sessions she managed to get to know me and to help me find the intersection between what I can do and what I want to do. Despite the initial hiccups with changing my professional environment, without sacrificing the hierarchical level I had already achieved, she continued to be resourceful, creative, and persistent.

The skill-based CV, her hard work and large network, the job interview preparation and her constant desire to help led us to achieving our goal – I started working in the field I wanted and negotiated the package I targeted.

I will always be grateful.

Denitsa Prodanova

I found Tedy online when I decided I need a career coach to assist me with a career development plan. I wanted a professional point of view for several career components: job type, working environment, type of company, corporate ethics and atmosphere. I didn’t have clarity on any of my career goals at the time – neither the type of positions I was interested in, nor the type of companies, not even the field.

Tedy’s approach was very professional and friendly at the same time. We’ve had several well-structured coaching sessions, in which she assisted me in identifying my professional skills, what motivates me, and what contributes to my professional success. In short – she helped me answer some very important career questions.

We created an action plan and Tedy was right by my side when it came to the execution (she has exceptional insight and network in the IT industry in Bulgaria) and she still is.

I highly recommend Tedy to everyone who is looking for career coaching, career consulting, or assistance in finding their professional compass.

Polina Yanis PersonalHR кариерни консултации и коучингPolina Gruicheva

I approached Tedy at a stage of my career when I was in serious need of structure and (re)setting of my professional compass.

I would like to stress on the fact that I approached the career coaching sessions with clear focus and willingness to be completely honest both about my expectations as well as the career barriers I’ve been building up to this point.

In the following coaching sessions, I managed to define my inner limits and to overcome them. Thanks to Tedy’s guidance, I succeeded to identify the personal motives behind my current and previous career choices.

My work with Tedy helped me re-gain my confidence, see the future from a fresh perspective and, most importantly, myself in that future.

I would whole-heartedly recommend career coaching with Tedy not only to the people searching for new professional challenges, but also to the ones looking for an impulse in their current career.

Aleksandar Grigorov PersonalHR кариерни консултацииAleksandar Grigorov

I met Teodora in early 2016 when I realized I needed a career change.

I have recently completed a Master’s degree in International Marketing and worked for my then-employer since high school. Although my position back then didn’t have much to do with my studies, it was a result of consistent effort and several promotions, hence – it was of special value to me. At this point of my career, my professional ambitions and needs didn’t match what the organization had to offer and I started to look for new opportunities. A difficult decision for me, as I am not much of a change-prone person.

I launched a process of futile writing and editing CVs and cover letters, researching employers and their job ads, a process that lasted several months. The situation in the company I worked for slowly became unbearable and I didn’t want to leave before I had a new job. It was then, a friend of mine recommended Teodora – and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for that once again.

I contacted her and on our first talk I knew she is not the typical career consultant – asking standard questions, but a person who would focus on the best way to achieve my career goal. Our work together fueled my ambition – if she believes in you, you inevitably begin to believe in yourself, and boosted my confidence that I’ve made the right decision and I will eventually reach my goal.

After less than a month, there was a suitable job opening in one of my target companies. I applied and I got invited to a job interview 2 days later. I went to the interview confident and prepared, got through two more interviews, and at the end of the process – received a job offer and accepted it.

I am confident in my abilities, but besides confidence you need the support of a person who knows how to present and promote you. Teodora, besides being an incredible professional, is also an excellent psychologist who supported me throughout this process. If needed, I would use her services again and I’ve already recommended her to my friends.

Thank you, Teodora!

Galina Ilieva PersonalHR кариерни консултации и коучингGalina Ilieva

I have been working in the financial industry for 10 years and I needed a change – a new challenge and professional motivation. I shared my professional goals with a friend and she told me about Tedy and her career consultation knowledge and skills. I knew my next career step, however, I haven’t been on a job interview for 10 years and I needed career consultation and advice.

Tedy put together a new CV, focusing on the skills relevant to my new professional area, and updated my LinkedIn profile. She gave me lots of valuable tips on job interview behaviors, what questions I could expect, and how to react. We did a role play where she put me in different situations and asked the hard questions. After this role play preparation, I felt ready and went to the job interview calm and confident. The results quickly followed. We did it with the first interview and the job offer I received satisfied my requirements completely.

The meeting and the discussions with Tedy were very pleasant, as well as productive. She is the type of person whom would like to keep in contact with, always a pleasure to talk and share.

When I talk about my career shift experience, I always recommend Tedy – I am sure she would be able to provide the needed career consultations and to assist with new professional choices.

Thank you, Tedy, for your support and valuable advice!

Anna Dragneva PersonalHR кариерни консултацииAnna Petrova-Dragneva

Tedy is a super positive person!

I was at professional crossroads – I haven’t been on the job market in approximately 10 years and I definitely needed career counseling. There are numerous recruitment companies in Sofia, but I couldn’t picture recruiters giving me advice on how to structure my CV or how to behave during an interview. At that point, a friend of mine recommended Tedy. I immediately loved the idea, it was just what I needed – my own career consultant, with tailored approach and personal attention.

Tedy managed my case very professionally – showed me how to present myself on a job interview, focused my energy and attention on the essential components of my professional experience, and put together a great CV and cover letters when I needed them. She supported me throughout the entire job search process and I felt like I was talking to a friend.

The results quickly followed! I am soon starting a new job, which for me – is a great challenge and accomplishment. If I need career consultation services in the future, I would definitely reach out to Tedy again.

Tedy, thank you!

Darina Georgieva –

I was reluctant at first, but then I pulled myself together and wrote an email with a few words about me. Tedy called the next day and I needed just 2 minutes to realize I did the right thing trusting her. She gave me very useful advice regarding my priorities and focus.

A few days later we met for an interview preparation – we did a role play, discussed frequently asked questions, as well as topics that were challenging for me, and agreed on the answers. Following up the preparation meeting, I received a long summary document including general recommendations and a questions and answers section. The output was in English as my interviews were scheduled with non-Bulgarian speakers.

The results quickly followed. I attended 4 interviews, received 2 job offers, and I start my new career at the beginning of 2016. Pretty great, isn’t it?

Milena Tsankova PersonalHR Кариерни консултацииMilena Tsankova –

I reached out to Tedy when my professional life was at impasse. I wanted not only to change the company, but also the focus and the industry.

Tedy approached my case with individual care and attention and agreed to assist me. She created a coaching class, which helped me evaluate my talents and strengths, to clarify my professional goals, and to make a plan how to achieve them. Following up on the coaching sessions, Tedy created a professional CV for me and guided me through the search and selection process.

After a number of interviews, I received a job offer I couldn’t resist – it was all I was looking for.

Thank you, Tedy, for your professional help and support!

Tanya Tsvetanova PersonalHR кариерни консултацииTanya Tsvetanova –

I found Tedy and when I searched for information on how to prepare for a job interview.

At the time, I was working for 6 years at the same company and I had decided I want to try something different. I had a particular job ad in mind – they needed candidates without experience in my newly selected professional area, but with knowledge in my current (at the time). I’ve had almost no experience with job interviews – 3 job interviews 6 years ago.

Tedy helped me with my CV and provided guidance for the job interview.

I’ve had 3 interviews at my target company. Thanks to Tedy’s assistance throughout the entire process, I was prepared and confident. At the end of the process, I received a job offer and accepted.  My team is great, I have the opportunity to travel internationally and to learn new things every day.

Михаела АндрееваMichaela Andreeva

After having worked 17 years at the same company, I decided it was time for a change, although I wasn’t sure in what direction. I didn’t know Tedy at the time, found her career consultations website and made a contact. She approached my case with care and attention, always spent the necessary time, and provided valuable feedback with all the details, even (or perhaps especially) the details I didn’t notice. Tedy helped to zoom on my experience and skills and to make a decision on where and how I would like to grow my career.

Tedy created an unusual, perfect CV, focused on my strengths.

Thanks to her contacts network, I started to receive invites for job interviews right after my CV circulated the job market. I started my new job a month after I got in touch with Tedy and with the package I expected.

Responsible, highly professional, committed to the job search process and her clients, considerate, and supportive – I can say only wonderful things about her. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who needs career guidance and consultation.

Mihaela EdrevaMihaela Edreva –

Tedy and I were colleagues at Adecco and we stayed in each other’s lives after we both left the company. I followed her new projects and I saw her passion in engaging and developing them.

After 1-year maternity leave, when I had to enter the workforce again, I was quite worried and I felt somewhat out of this process. I got in touch with Tedy who was quick to comfort me and boost my confidence that I can cope with all new challenges. She sent my CV to several suitable companies in my professional area and some of them called for an interview. She, then, advised me on the companies and the people I got to meet. Eventually, I received two job offers and Tedy, who knew the two companies well, helped me decide which offer to accept.

I recommend the career consultation services to anyone on the look for a new professional challenge. Teodora is a great, positive person, with lots of knowledge and experience, who will help you achieve your goals and move forward!

Milena Stamboliyska

I found Teodora online searching for a professional career advice. I have decided I wanted a career shift to recruitment and I didn’t have the needed experience. The lack of experience resulted in very few phone calls from the companies I applied to. The Human Resource management class I signed up for didn’t help me much.

And so, 3 months after my career shift start, I realized I needed a different approach if I wanted to be successful. This was the moment I decided I needed a career consultant and then I found Teodora. Browsing through the services and mostly – reading the recommendations of people with similar challenges to mine whom she managed to help, I knew she was the career consultant I wanted to work with. Meeting her in person further confirmed my choice – Teodora managed to motivate me to tell her about myself and my recruitment ambitions and most importantly – to not give up.  In addition to the confidence she inspired, Teodora created me a CV that put a focus on the skills relevant for a career in recruitment. Moreover, her broad network revealed opportunities that otherwise would have been out of reach for me.

As a result of everything Teodora did for me and the trust she had in my abilities throughout the entire process, the success quickly followed. I was invited to an interview from one of the companies she referred me to and 3 weeks later, received a job offer!

Thank you, Tedy, I know I would not have succeeded without you!

Poly – On a fairly normal day while hanging at home, I felt quite confused and unhappy by the fact that I work only for the paycheck and I study yet another specialty that didn’t excite me. It was then I realized I needed a professional career coach to help me find my professional passion. I gradually started researching about career consultations and it was a couple of months until I found the right person whom I could trust with this very important part of my life. I finally decided to make the call to Tedy Lilova. She gave me confidence, not only because she was friendly and approachable, but also because she took notes showing me what I had to say was important. Thank you, Tedinka.

We did several coaching sessions in which, with the help of Tedy, I realized a lot about myself – some things new and some – long forgotten. This is what we achieved:

  • Together, we managed to identify several professional opportunities which would utilize my talents and would make my days happier and we created actions plans on how to achieve them.
  • Tedy showed me the road to self-knowledge, the importance of self-love and appreciation, and the significance of choosing the right career that not only provides the needed financial resources, but also a spiritual satisfaction.
  • Tedy helped me to appreciate the importance of asking the right questions – to yourself and to others.
  • She gave me faith and hope that I could be happy as long as I know what I want and fight for it.

I am grateful that Tedy put her heart and soul in helping me, as if she did it for a very close friend. I recommend her to anyone who is on a professional crossroad, has career challenges, or would like to find a meaningful and satisfying career. She helps, because she knows how to inspire you to think and act, creates relationships, and most of all – because she does it with love and dedication.

Svetla Bonova

I turned to Tedy for advice, after having put long hours and effort into a career change and the offers I received were primarily related to my current (at the time) experience.

I read one of her articles, which resonated with me – that the job announcements are as if the companies are using a template, the requirements – as if Supermen are needed, and the focus is placed on the responsibilities and not so much on the skills needed to do the job.

What am I doing wrong? How do I navigate through the IT positions? How to improve my application documents? These were some of the questions Tedy provided professional answers to. In addition, Tedy encouraged me not to give up on my career change plan and on the related positions. She presented my experience with a new angle, so that my application is not automatically rejected on the account of the “n” years of experience, which I didn’t have. She sorted and categorized the appropriate positions for me and used her contacts to help my CV get noticed.

Ultimately, I achieved my objective! Soon, I am starting a new job, on a new position, in a new professional field. Tedy helped me to do this, to focus on the upcoming job applications and interviews and not on the inevitable rejections, and to manage the change process.

Julian Filev –

I got acquainted with Tedy’s work online, provoked by the need to improve my job seeking performance on the road to  better future. She is my discovery of which I am very proud. I am proud of her, because she exceeded my expectations, supported me throughout the entire process, managed to prepare me and successfully focus my efforts.

I contacted Tedy, because I needed to improve my job interviewing skills. She has a good sense for people and managed to quickly comprehend my specific needs, which eased the preparation process. Her professionalism and experience were of great importance to me, as well as the fact that she managed to zoom on the skills and qualities I needed to achieve my professional goals.

Thank you Tedy! I wish you even more professional success and more happy clients, like me, who have found their calling.

Todor Arsenov –

Until I met Teodora, when I needed career advice, I usually shared and consulted with my friends. This approach has always worked for me, but by the time I wanted to change the industry – I got gradually used to the idea that a needed professional touch.

It was then I contacted Teodora Lilova and after our first meeting, I was convinced we would achieve my professional goals together. Turned out – we exceeded them. She helped me focus on a detail in my career that was going to be helpful for the industry switch. She showed me opportunities I wouldn’t have noticed. With this approach, I went through intensive interviewing process, after which I received the job offer I longed for, for my current position.

I am sincerely thankful to Teodora Lilova and I strongly advise anyone who would like to clarify and realize their career development ideas, to get in touch with her and benefit from her services.

Vesselina Tasheva –

In 2005, I met Tedy in the mentoring program at the American University in Bulgaria, which I just started and she recently graduated. Later, we became friends.

At first, she helped me with my class and professor selection and the focus of my Business Administration major, so that I can enjoy and get the most out of my university years.

Later, during the third and fourth years of my studies, we often discussed the pros and cons of the different professional decisions I had to make. Tedy helped me prepare for interviews with information about the specific industry and other success techniques. She even consulted me on the most appropriate attire for the different meetings with potential employers – would a suit be ok or should I wear something more casual for an ad agency interview.

Tedy has the talent to be a career consultant and very sincerely puts her heart in preparing a candidate. I still continue to run my big professional decisions by her.

I recommend her to anyone who needs a personal attitude, a professional example to get inspired by, and thorough support in the job search process.

Stefan Kolev –

Tedy and I were colleagues at Netage Solutions where we worked in the same team; I was a software developer and she was the project manager. Our shared interests in music and dancing got us closer and we gradually became friends. After she left Netage and joined Sofiyska Voda as a client relationship manager, I too decided I wanted a professional change.

We talked and together reached some important conclusions, she created a new CV for me – a CV that reflected my skills and experience in the best possible way, and we started to search for suitable positions. I applied to a few companies, for some – she prepared my cover letters and helped me to prepare for the interview, for others – I did the preparation myself. She was with me every step of the way, and after a short unstable period in the IT area, I found my place and I am very satisfied with the things I do every day, the people I do them with, the paycheck, and the opportunities for growth.

I am very thankful to Tedy and I strongly recommend her to anyone who would like to find their professional place.

Ivelin Grigorov –

Tedy and I know each other from Sofiyska Voda where I worked as a recruiter and she – as a client relationship manager. She went on to work for Adecco where she had access to many professional opportunities for different profiles. I kept in touch and she shared what she thought was suitable for my skills and ambition.

I mentioned I was interested in project management and as soon as there was a suitable opportunity, Tedy called to tell me more. She sounded enthusiastic and even though the recruitment position in Sofiyska voda was my first job after graduation and I was a bit scared of the change, I agreed to try. Tedy put together a professional CV, cover letter, and recommended me to the recruiter. Although I didn’t have the needed experience, she taught me how to present myself in the best possible light, how to focus on my interests and skills, and how to go through the interview process, in English, with the team manager. We did a few role games where she was the English manager and asked me different (and difficult) questions. I managed to do the phone interview from a point of confidence and peace and everything went well.

I got the job, and after a few promotions and internal organization changes, I can say I have found my place and I am satisfied with all conditions. Thank you Tedy for your support and for believing in me throughout the entire process. I recommend Tedy to all of you who are not sure about your professional choice and don’t believe enough in your abilities – Tedy will assist you, will prepare you, and at the end – you will believe in yourselves as much as she believes in you.

Martin Lozanov –

I met Tedy while I was in the middle of a job search – a mutual acquaintance introduced us.

She helped me with every step of the job search process.

  • Searched for suitable job offers.
  • Recommended me to her contacts in companies I was interested in.
  • Reviewed and edited my CV to best reflect my professional experience, education, and skills.
  • Wrote motivation letters for the positions that required them.

Her experience and network opened new doors for me and allowed me to polish my approach. The advices she provided throughout the process, prepared me for the job interviews and helped me be a more confident end a better negotiator.

I recommend Teodora to all who need a holistic career consultation approach.