Career coaching

Coaching sessions and consultations for establishing professional goals and career focus.


CV, motivation letters, LinkedIn profile, interview preparation, selection of the relevant industries and companies.

Tailored Approach

Individual methodology and personal care for each client.


References and support throughout the search for the best position, company, and industry.

Career Coaching and Career Advisory Services

If you in search of your true calling, contemplate a career shift or are in-between jobs and you need a career consultant to guide you through process, you are at the right place.

Recruitment and finding the right fit for the right talent is a combination of skills, organization, and luck. The in-house recruiters and the recruitment agencies usually sift through hundreds of applications every day and often don’t have enough time to focus, pressed by their short and long-term goals. To the job searchers, this process can be very stressful, as they usually don’t receive the individual attention they need. Nor do they get the advice on how to properly prepare and present themselves to be able to get the dream job. At times, they are confused about what is the most suitable career that would match their professional skills, talents, strengths, and personal qualities.

Career coaching and career advisory services are what you need if you if you would like to:

♦ Find your professional calling

♦ Make a career shift;

♦ Have a professional CV and LinkedIn profile;

♦ Submit tailored cover letters for the different positions and companies you are interested in;

♦ Go to job interviews confident and prepared.

If you feel lost in the job search process, if you are frustrated by the rejections and lack of feedback, if you are unsure about your next career step, take a look at the services to find out more about how I can be of service. .

In the PersonalHR space you will find:

  • Career coaching best practices and materials

  • Advice on how to write your CV

  • Advice on how to structure your cover letter

  • Job interview preparation tips

  • Advice on how to plan and make a dream career happen