Quora inspiration once again. The question was: “I want to quit my job because of unfulfilling job and a toxic work friend, should I?

And here is my take on it:

Most probably, you should quit, especially if the nature of the work you are doing is not fulfilling, but I suggest you consider your options and answer some of the following questions first:

1. Do you like the company – industry, management, vision for the future, everyday atmosphere, colleagues?

2. Even if unfulfilling, is your current job in the field you would like to develop further? If so, can you explore further options within the company – other departments, different teams, different role within the same team?

3. If you like the company, are there some internal opportunities you can apply for?

4. Can you talk to your manager about your situation and ask for advice?

If you can manage to change your situation within your current company to your satisfaction, the toxic friend should not be such an issue. You can try to talk to him/her and explain your view of your relationship, you can try to find another group of work friends to hang out with, or focus solely on the work specifics and tell him/her you don’t have time for friendships, because you would like to advance in your career.

If you explore all the options above and see you can’t fix your current work situation, check out what’s available on the market before you rush to quitting. Give it a couple of months to find something fulfilling and then resign. If the atmosphere is so poisonous that you can’t really be there and search for another job, then – quit. Nothing worse to stay at a job that you hate – you will find a better opportunity.

If you are in a similar situation and need career consultation and advice, don’t hesitate to reach out and talk about how can I be of service.

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