For the training in Spain of which I shared my big picture thoughts, I took a taxi twice – from the airport to the hotel and back. The two times were with the same driver who firmly and politely offered his services for the second trip and we exchanged Whatsapp contacts. Extroverted and unobtrusive, quite wise for his age, this is what I learned from him:

1. Your origin is not your limit – his family is originally from Pakistan and his parents still live there. He wife is a Pakistani as well, both are not happy with the circumstances there and decide to go out in the world in search of better opportunities. They lived in Paris, Amsterdam, and London for a few years and are now settled in Barcelona, because “it’s warm and we can’t really endure the cold weather, people are friendly, the city is welcoming, and the food is delicious” – pretty much my reasons for liking Spain so much.

2. Intelligence is everywhere as long as you have the eyes to see it – this Pakistani driver speaks fluent English, French, Dutch, Spanish and his native language. Has rich vocabulary, reads a lot, and has incredible knowledge of music and history – and not only for the places he used to live.

3. Happiness is relative and yet it’s usually in the small things – I asked him, as I usually do – are you happy? „I am very happy, madam – I have two beautiful children, my wife and I have been through so much and still love each other, I live in a place I enjoy, I have the opportunity to make a living and to see the sun for more than 300 days a year.”

4. You can be a good salesman even if you don’t have the proper education – as soon as he got me and my colleagues in the taxi, Ramit started a friendly conversation solely focused on us. He inquired the reasons for us visiting Barcelona, have we been there before, and in his own way – made us feel special. After he found out when each of us is coming back, he offered his services for this trip as well and was quick to specify that there would be no additional charge for him coming to Sitges to pick us up. We exchanged Whatsapps and he wrote every 2-3 days to wish me a productive and pleasant stay. The evening before the flight, he confirmed the pickup details. The entire transaction was led and followed through by him, in accordance with the skillful, yet unobtrusive sales rules, and at the end, it was a win win – he got the additional work and I got a reliable service and enjoyable company.

5. Gratitude is a daily best practice – I asked him whether there is something he kept – as a ritual or a custom – from Pakistan. Gratitude, he answered: „Every morning and every evening I thank for my health, my wonderful family, my work, and Barcelona. I am thankful for my parents being alive and healthy and for all the opportunities that come my way. I bless the baby we had who died shortly after birth and once again thank for my two healthy living children. You should try this as well, madam.”

6. Career satisfaction is (to an extent) a matter of perspective –  are you happy with your work, Ramit? Another one of the questions I like asking my friends and people I just met. “Of course, madam! I have the best job in the world! I help people going from point A to point B and in this way, I become part of their journeys and take a bit of their history and wisdom, I provide for my family. This is everything I need.“

Where are you along your professional and life path? Do you find the sparkle you need in the wisdom of the Pakistani taxi driver? Do you believe you are limited by your origin, your nationality, or your location? Are you biased towards people who are different? Are you grateful for everything you have in your life? Do you like your job? What perspective do you have to your career?

If you need a partner in clarifying these and other career topics that are on your mind, get in touch with me to talk more about how I can be of service.

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  1. Много ми хареса и този разказ, мила Теди! Впечатли ме този шофьор на такси. Всеки, който прочете това, би могъл да се поучи и да вземе нещо за себе си!

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