Как да успея в корпоративния свят PersonalHR кариерни консултации и коучинг

A few days ago, I was asked to answer a question on Quora about the difference between corporate environment and a startup and how to handle re-entering the corporate world after being an entrepreneur for a couple of years. Here is my thought process on the subject and advice on how to navigate through the challenges of a large organization.

There are several notable differences between a big corporation and doing your own thing. The corporation is:

  • More structured – more processes, rules, and people to consider when doing your everyday job
  • More secure– you get your paycheck every month and your salary doesn’t as much depend on the hours you put in compared to a business you own
  • More limiting – before making a decision, you would have to instill the company values, check with your manager and comply with the organization’s policies

My advice before you step in the corporate world would be:

1. Be patientyou are coming from an almost diametrically different culture, so it would get some getting used to before you feel comfortable in the new environment. Be patient mostly with yourself, but also with your colleagues and with your manager – they might not always understand why you are quick to make decisions or reluctant to wait for the corporate machine to make a move.

2. Involve the people around you: you are probably used to doing most of the roles in your company and making most of the decisions alone. This would be the major behavioral change you have to make in the corporate world. You would have to rely on other people (and chase them when needed) to do their jobs, so that you can do yours. Before making a decision, you would have to consult all the stakeholders that have something to do with the outcome.

Как да успя в корпоративния свят PersonalHR кариерни консултации и коучинг3. Respect the rules (at least at the beginning): perhaps, it would be difficult to navigate through the corporate processes and challenging for you to have to go through so many steps when you see there is a better, cheaper, and more efficient way to do things. My advice is to follow the rules for the first 6–9 months and learn how they operate this way and most importantly why. Make notes during that time on what can be improved, but don’t be too quick to share it and to suggest cutting steps. After the first couple of months, you would come to understand the reasons behind the numerous steps and this would allow you to make better process improvements suggestions without missing important context.

4. Educate yourself: changing working styles is a process and along with the other three points, it requires information. The more you know – about the company, the industry, the business, the competition, the people, the teams, the relationships between different people and different teams, the better equipped you will be to thrive in the corporate world. So, read, listen, and observe.

5. Politics: this is (at least from my perspective) one of the most frustrating features of a corporation. Sometimes, in some corporations – quite often, it’s not about business sense, it’s about politics. Who would be affected? Who needs to know? How do you structure your proposal, so that the finance manager approves it? Who do you involve to back you up? Who knows the particular executive you are trying to get on board? etc., etc. In most corporations, there is nothing you can do to change the politics, so you have to be patient (as per point #1) and work through the political needs and dependencies.

6. Enjoy the benefits: security, routine, predictability, a corporate name to rely on when approaching new customers, training possibilities, paid vacation, new colleagues to learn from – these are all good things about the corporate world. Spend some time on appreciating and enjoying them.

If you are re-entering or just entering the corporate world and need career coaching guidance on how to thrive there, get in touch with me to discuss coaching options.

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  1. Много ни харесаха разсъжденията и съветите ти, Теди. Прочетох ги на глас и се кефихме отново с теб, целуваме те, успех!

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