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Innovative approach to recruitment and team management

21 May 2019, Публикувано в: Career planning, Career coaching, Коментари: 0

Today I have an intriguing South African story about recruitment and team management. Roy was our first host on our South African trip and besides his wonderful cottage, he shared valuable recommendations for the Garden Route we were about to embark on, and a delicious breakfast at his restaurant Rose Garden. We had some time […]

How to make professional decisions?

20 September 2018, Публикувано в: Career planning, Career coaching, Коментари: 2

I am in the middle of a professional dilemma and last night I’ve had a deep discussion on the topic with a close friend.  He is faced with a similar situation and we exchanged points of view and advice. The alternative option is the more prestigious next career step – from a vertical professional ladder […]

How to find a job with little experience?

11 May 2018, Публикувано в: CV, Career planning, Career coaching, Motivation letter, Коментари: 0

A couple of days ago, I answered an interesting question on Quora and decided to share my insights with you. The question was – Is it harder to find a job with little experience – and here is how I approached it: If you focus on the right positions for your education, talents, and little […]