Definition of success – part II

18 October 2018

Building on the success topic, I continue to share the rest of the intriguing and profound reflections, in alphabetical order. I am grateful to all my clients and friends who provided their success definitions and allowed me to publish them. I truly believe that in this way we would be able to enrich the success palette with additional shades and nuances and maybe to inspire someone to clarify what success looks like for them.

Denitsa Prodanova – bid manager and entrepreneur

Success… This modern society concept has many interpretations. Searching and finding our own is challenging and liberating.

Success, for me, has meant different things throughout the years. First, success was mastering my trade, getting to know the instruments that would allow me to be a good professional. This was followed by the financial dimension and then the ego, of course, needed its recognition.

After a few failures, wrong decisions, and compromises, success to me now is not-so-glamorous. The certainty that I can adequately fulfill my personal and professional commitments; my words matching my actions. The ability to consciously identify my priorities and principles. The balance between personal and professional.

Finally, perhaps success is waking up and rushing to start your day, because you know you can contribute and learn something new. And if you manage to make someone smile in the process, you are even more successful.

Dimitar Ivanov – software project manager.

To me success extends beyond financial and material measures. It’s about being useful. It’s about doing what you do at a highly professional level. It’s about being sought after because of your quality. It’s about clients choosing to work with me and my company, not because they don’t have any other alternative, but because I manage to fulfill their needs. It’s about enjoying your work – this is the true key to success.

Emil Ivanov – entrepreneur, former corporate director at a large investment bank.

Success for me is freedom of my perception, interpretation, and self-expression.

Kaloyan Kalev, holistic therapist: Chinese medicine and astrology.

Success for me is a deep inner state of completeness, purposefulness, inspiring and stimulating the spirit and freedom of expression. Success is where underestimation, dependence, and conditioning are absent. Success resides in the daily sense of achievement, in seemingly insignificant activities, in happiness and creativity, in reconciliation of the inner demons. Success is the positive attitude to everyone and everything. Success is love, kindness, and support, and not doing to others what you don’t want to be done to yourself.

Marta Simeonova – Human Resources Director in an IT company.

Success for me lies primarily in the respect of the people you work with – clients, colleagues, subordinates, leaders. In creating a recognizable personal brand in your professional field. In having access to challenging and meaningful projects, new practices and technologies. And in seeing the result of your work.

Mira Radilova – (former) human resources manager and consultant in a training center.

Success – the satisfaction I feel when I use my talents and abilities to do useful and meaningful work every day. The ability to be myself as a member of a team inspired by a common cause. The professional opportunities that allow me to be in harmony with my personal priorities.

And what is your definition of success? I would be very interested to hear your interpretations – in a comment or in a personal message.

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