3 Нестандартни начина за търсене на работа

As soon as you are out on the job market, your family and friends can’t wait to start with the advice – now is the time to find out and pursue your true calling, create a good CV, do your homework and everything will fall into place, first impressions on the job interviews are crucial, dress for success, etc. etc.

Along with a smart CV and tailored motivation letters, daily search of the job sites and using your network, I suggest you consider these methods as well.

Of course, as with other job search methods, there are no guarantees, so read the recommendations, think about which resonate most to your situation and approach and adopt the ones you deem the most suitable.

1. Personal contact and honesty.

Connect with people who work for the companies you like on LinkedIn and instead of trying to sell your skills, tell your story (in a few sentences). Tell them how much you like the company, what is it you like about it, why would you like to work there and most importantly – what is your current situation – are you laid off, would like to change fields, or just graduate. Honesty can do miracles sometimes. Of course, there will be people for whom this approach would not work – they would be too busy, too rational, or too uninterested in the human capital of the company they work for.

2. Create your ideal position.  

Think about the industry and type of company you see yourself working in – maybe you are interested in healthcare, bit don’t like to work for a state-owned organizations, or you are keen on IT and don’t like the startup mindset. After you have the needed clarity, think about, or consult with a career coach, what you are strengths and research the companies you have included in your list. After that, you can put together a solution for a challenge you’ve learned they are currently facing, corresponding to your talents, and to send it to them requesting a meeting.

3 Нестандартни начина за търсене на работа3. Think ahead.

The ideal job. Now. Don’t necessarily focus on finding the perfect position in the perfect organization. Instead think about the perspectives. For example, it might be a smart move to settle for a job a bit below your current profile, if the growth opportunities are attractive or if you would like to do a career shift. Be creative in your job hunt and expand your horizons – if you are an experienced accountant and apply only to accounting positions, maybe it would be a good move to start looking into more junior financial analyst positions, which would provide access to companies with career potential and possibilities.

If you need a career consultant to assist you in the execution of these or other non-standard approaches to your particular job search situation – please, reach out to me and let’s discuss how can I provide you with the best value.

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