Flower inspiration and a dream come true

15 December 2017

We are picking up the Inspirations section with Emi – an accessories designer, a sunshine girl, a mother of two wonderful fairies, and a successful entrepreneur.

1. Please, introduce yourself – who’s Emi?

Emilia is a girl who began her discovery journey quite recently, having been through some professional ups and downs. I can describe myself as – always positive and smiling, finding beauty in everything, and last, but not least – giving and receiving love.

2. What’s your passion?

My passion is my accessories brand Forget-Me-Not that I created in 2015 and that’s continuously growing thanks to all family and friends’ support.

3. How did you end up where you are now? Tell us more about your journey to finding your professional calling?

Two years ago, preparing for a family summer vacation, a friend of mine and I decided to create flower tiaras for the beach walks. My friends liked the hair accessories and wanted me to make them similar. Then, the client orders follows and in several months I made hundreds of flower hair accessories. The increasing interest helped me believe in myself and this gave the needed push to the Forget-Me-Not business– without any serious plans orexpectations.

4. Why Forget-Me-Not? Does the brand name have any special meaning for you?

The brand name came slowly, because I wanted it to be pronounced and remembered easily. I decided to name it after a flower – after all, these are flower accessories I make, and I thought of the forget-me-not flower. There is also a significance in the phrase forget-me-not – the old English translation is “don’t forget me.” It’s an expression of cultural and historical value that conveys intimacy and dedication. A love promise – to someone going away.

5. What’s the favorite part of your work?

I like everything about my work, but maybe I mostly enjoy the part where I receive thank you notes from happy clients complete with happy pictures.

6. What are the pros and cons to being your own boss?

I wouldn’t call myself a boss, because I when you create something you love, you are not working – you are creating. Often I do not have enough time for everything I want to accomplish, but I still manage somehow.

7. If you can change some of your professional choices, what would it be?

I wouldn’t change anything. All that happens – personally or professionally, has its meaning and significance and always provides a clue about the next step.

8. What do you dream about?

I am a dreamer. I dream all the time. I dream of people appreciating art in all its forms, being more positive and giving love, because love connects and bonds us.

9. What advice would you give to people at professional (or personal) crossroads

My advice would be – listen to your inner voice. Once you make a decision about your direction – give everything you’ve got, don’t be afraid of the difficulties – there will always be difficulties, and don’t give up on your dream. Nothing is impossible.

10. Is there something I haven’t asked and you would like to share?

You haven’t asked me about my future plans. I would like to grow my business internationally – on a global scale, while keeping it handmade. Every accessory created leaf by leaf with two hands and a big heart.


  1. vesela lilova says:

    Цветно вдъхновение и сбъдната мечта! Много ми хареса и заглавието и разказа. И двете ми дъщери си купиха такива шапки с цвете, с удоволствие бих си купила и аз (ще пробвам, дано ми стои така добре, както на тях).

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