About me

My name is Teodora Lilova. I am an Economist by education, project manager by trade, and psychologist and chocolate lover by calling.

I have more than 15 years’ experience with client and team management, sales, and IT project management.  I have recruited many different IT and business profiles – programmers, quality assurance specialists, project managers, service center consultants with different levels of language and service skills, operations managers, team leaders, shift supervisors, sales and marketing consultants, and bid managers.

This recruitment experience broadened my horizons and helped me form an awareness of what constitutes a memorable CV, which CVs don’t pass the first screening, what are the key points that the recruiters look for and what are the main questions and approaches in the job interviews. Besides my professional experience, I have gained insights on documents and interview preparation from the people – friends or clients, whom I assist throughout the job search process, on a daily basis.

Since the beginning of 2017, I am a certified Life Purpose Coach – this is a coach equipped with knowledge, approaches, and materials to assist her clients in finding their true calling.

For more information about me and my career, please check out my LinkedIn profile.

If you need a career consultant, someone who will approach your situation with tailor and care, who will hear your professional ideas and challenges, will help you identify the best career opportunities and will assist you with the subsequent preparation, reach out to me and I will create a coaching plan that best suits your individual needs, preferences, and agenda.